Coconut Oil Magnolia

Coconut Oil Magnolia

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This raw virgin coconut oil can be used as a body and massage oil. Also suitable for oral consumption and remedy.

Coconut Oil Magnolia is produced within an hour of opening the coconut. No electricity and no waste policy.

Ingredients: raw virgin coconut oil, magnolia essential oil.

Direct micro expelling (DME).

What is Magnolia Used for?

The bark has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Japanese Traditional Medicine. It is very fragrant and contains large amount of two aromatic compounds called magnolol and honokiol. It was common to find it used to help support healthy digestion. Magnolia bark and it's various constituents have been shown to modulate cortisol production. The bark is commonly used in formulas to support healthy response to stress and calm occasional nervousness as well as to support sleep.

Size: 265 ml.

All products are made in Bali, no animal testing and no chemicals are used to create this high quality range.